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OlyLife's Premier Terahertz wave and PEMF foot device.

PEMF devices are FDA cleared for sale for general health and wellness purposes in the United States.

The OlyLife Tera P90 is great for supporting circulation, healthy levels of inflammation, helping to maintain a healthy stress response, supporting brain and heart function, supporting the immune system, and more.

Olylife THz Tera-P90 The Fifth Element - Geomagnetism Life on Earth appeared when the geomagnetic field was formed and increased to a certain strength. The huge magnetosphere formed by the earth's magnetic field on the surface of the earth forms a natural protective barrier against the invasion of the outside world.

Only living in a normal geomagnetic field can guarantee the health and continuation of life. Therefore, like sunlight, air, water, and nutrition, geomagnetism is the fifth element for life to survive.


PEMF + THzActivate cells and energy
Promotes microcirculation and metabolism
Dredges meridians
Remove cold & dampness, waste from the body
Burns Fat and Sculpting
Relief from inflammation, Pain,
Fatigue relief
Allows the body to “cleanse” from the inside out.

Product Features:
1 MHz electromagnetic energy
Bio-imitation magnetic energy
Potent effect
Safe and secured

OlyLife Tera P90 Foot Device

  • Absolutely no refunds due to international shipping hurdles

    Device has a 1 year manufacture warranty that in case of manufacture defect only, device will happily be exchanged for working device.

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